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Lectures Course Contents
Lecture 1 Introduction:


Lecture 2 To clear the differentiate among Design and Graphic Design
Lecture3  To learn the Importance of Graphic Designing (Why the Design is so important?)
Lecture 4 Elements and Principles of design
Lecture 5 To learn how w can differentiate among colors
Lecture 6 Categories of design (Print Media, Digital Media, Web Media)
Lecture 7 How to develop an idea
Lecture 8 Design tools and techniques
Lecture 9


Different categories of Print media (Magazine, Poster, Flyer, Leaflet, etc.


Lecture 10 Importance of Pre Visualizing in Design
Lecture 11 Software techniques
Lecture 12 Adobe Photoshop /Intro/Use


Lecture 13 Use of Photoshop
Lecture 14


Photoshop Tools /techniques
Lecture 15 Image Treatment in Photoshop


Lecture 16 How to create design in photoshop


Lecture 18 Font Selection
Lecture 19 Back-up plan formation techniques
Lecture 20 Introduction of Inpage
Lecture 21 Urdu Typing techniques /How we can add urdu text in our design


Lecture 22 Intro of Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 23 Difference between vector and image


Lecture 24 Use of Adobe Illustrator


Lecture 25 Adobe Illustrator tool and techniques
Lecture 26 Difference between adobe illustrator and coral draw
Lecture 27 Role of Graphic Designer

How to deal with Client

Lecture 28 How to make yourself creative
Lecture 29 Comparison Between Photoshop and Illustrator




Lecture 30




Introduction of Adobe Indesign



Lecture 31 Tools and Techniques of Indesign  
Lecture 32 Final project Topic Discussion