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Short Course of Digital Marketing



Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industry in the World. In Asia, the growth rate of this industry is 30% annually.

For working professionals: Your growth depends on your performance. In today’s age, you cannot get to the next level of performance in your company without knowing how to market online. After learning digital marketing you will be able to create strategies for online advertisement and produce 10 times better results for your company.

For business owners & entrepreneurs: Your no.1 goal as a business owner is to generate sales and profits for your company and digital marketing will help you achieve that. You will learn how to get attract buyers to your website and grow your sales almost overnight. As a business owner, you owe it to your business’s success to learn digital marketing.

For Students & Job-Seekers: Every month thousands of jobs are available for digital marketing experts. You don’t need a degree to qualify for the job. You just need the right skills and experience. We will provide you the skills and knowledge you need to become a digital marketing expert. A beginner digital marketing professional easily earns a salary between Rs. 25000 – 60000 per month.


  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Students
  • Job-Seekers


Following job opportunities will be open to you

  • Content Marketing Executive
  • PPC Manager or Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Manager or Analyst
  • E-Commerce store Marketer/Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • SEO Manager or Analyst


Student Education Level: Minimum Matriculation

Hardware requirement: Microsoft windows 7 sp1 (32 bit & 64 bit)

                                          Microsoft windows 8 update (KB2919355)

                                          (32 bit & 64 bit)

                                          Microsoft windows 10 (64 bit only recommended)

Duration of course: 3 Months

No of lectures: 30 Lectures

Hours: 1.5 Hours

**This Outline is of Regular Course (Three Months Course), Weekend Program(2 Months Program) has a Different Outline

Module 1

First Month

Lec. No Topic
1. Digital Marketing Overview
2. Social Media Marketing   (2 Hours)

●      Organic Marketing

●      Paid Marketing

3. Business Idea Creation    (2 Hours)

●      Branding, Logo, Slogan

●      Facebook Logo & Cover Creation

●      Organic Boosting Techniques

●      Learning about Facebook Algorithm

●      Pages Creation

●      Content Strategy

●      Call to Actions

●      Important Abbreviations in Digital Marketing

4. Competitor Research & SWOT Analysis (2 Hours)
5. Understanding of Facebook Ads Manager   (2 Hours)

●      Defining Your Marketing Objective

●      What is Campaign

●      Elements of Facebook Campaign

●      What are Adsets

●      What are Ads

●      Understanding & Defining Facebook Campaign Types

●      Understanding of Awareness, Consideration & Conversion Campaigns Types on Facebook

●      Acceptable Payment Methods on Facebook


6. Facebook Target Audience Research    (2 Hours)

●      Facebook Audience Insights Tool

●      Facebook Search Console Research

●      Advance Techniques of Potential Audience Research

7. Facebook Campaign Creation    (2 Hours)

●      Setting up Campaign from Scratch

●      Setting up Target Audience

●      Setting up Placements

●      Budget & Scheduling

8. Facebook High Converting Ads Designing  (2 Hours)

●      20% Text Rule & Image Overlays

●      Make perfect high converting ad designs without photoshop

9. Split Testing Campaigns   (2 Hours)
10. Campaign Optimization   (2 Hours)
11. Retargeting Techniques   (2 Hours)
12. Custom Audience Techniques   (2 Hours)





Module ll

2nd Month



Lec. No Topic
1. WordPress Website Domain Buying & Hosting Setup (2 Hours)
2. Niche & Keyword Research   (2 Hours)
3. Domains & Web Hosting Management (2 Hours)
4. Competitor Research & SWOT Analysis (2 Hours)
5. Anchor Text & Content Creation Plan   (2 Hours)
6. Understanding Backlinks    (2 Hours)
7. Backlinking Plan with Web2.0    (2 Hours)
8. High Authority Backlinks using PBN  (2 Hours)
9. Indexing and Ranking Monitoring  (2 Hours)


Module lll

3rd Month



Lec. No Topic
1. PPC & Adwords Marketing Basics (2 Hours)

●      Understanding PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing

●      Overview of Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter

2.  Understanding Google Ads

●      Campaigns, Ad groups, keywords, ads, etc.

●      Types of advertising campaign – Search, display campaign, shopping campaign and video campaign

●      Difference between search and display campaign Understanding targeting options for both search and display campaigns

3. Understanding Adwords algorithm   (2 Hours)

●      How does Adwords rank ads on SERP

●      Understanding their adrank in detail

●      Understanding about quality score

●      Why QS (quality score) is important

●      What is CTR

●      Why CTR is important

●      Understanding bids

●      Learning all types of bids from flexible bidding to enhanced CPC.

4. Creating Search & Display campaigns  (2 Hours)

●      Types of PPC campaigns

●      Shopping campaign

●      Merchant center

●      Creating 1st Adwords search campaign

●      Setting targeting and keywords for the live

●      campaign

●      Understanding location targeting

●      Setting bidding strategy

●      Making the campaign go live



5. Understanding bidding structure    (2 Hours)

●      Manual bidding

●      Auto bidding

Advanced level bidding strategies

●      Enchanced CPC

●      CPA (Cost per action)

What is flexible bidding

●      Advanced details about bidding strategies

●      Understanding ad extensions

●      Adding ad extensions in the campaigns


6. Creating adgroups       (2 Hours)

●      Creating adgroups using tools

●      Benefits of having adgroups

Understanding keywords

●      Using keyword planner

●      Finding relevant keywords

●      Types of keyword matches

●      Adding keywords in adgroups

●      Examples of keyword matches and their pros

●      and cons


Creating ads

●      Understanding ad metrics

●      Display and destination URL

●      How to write a compelling ad copy and

●      headline

●      Best and worst ad examples


7. Optimization of Google Campaigns

●      Important metrics to evaluate the campaigns

●      Importance of CTR

●      How to increase CTR of an ad

●      Relationship of CTR with CPC

●      How to improve QS of an ad

●      How to analyze the performance of keywords

●      How to add negative keywords

●      Importance of adding negative keywords

●      How to decrease CPC


8. Mobile Marketing (2 Hours)
9. Email Marketing  (2 Hours)

●      Types of email marketing

●      Solicited email marketing

●      Un-solicited email marketing

●      How email marketing works

●      Opt-in marketing

●      Opt-in marketing process

●      Setting up auto-responder account

●      How to manage auto-responder

●      How to schedule emails

●      How to track and measure emails

●      How to optimize email delivery

●      Best practices of opt-in email marketing

●      How to schedule emails for best results

●      How to create campaigns for different types of

●      goals


10. Lead Generation  (2 Hours)

●      Understanding the concept of lead generation

●      Why lead generation is important for business?

●      What does a qualified lead means for a business?

●      Understanding landing pages

●      Understanding sales funnels

●      Landing page vs website

●      Why having landing page is important for business

●      Fundamentals of a landing page

●      How to improve the conversion of a landing page

●      What does a conversion mean?

●      How to do A/B testing of a landing page

●      Practical exercise – Creating your own landing page

●      Best and worst landing page examples

●      Understanding sales funnel important and the

●      important of testing and tweaking the funnel

●      Converting leads into sales

●      Creating lead nurturing strategy

●      Use of email marketing in the sales funnel

●      Example of thank-you pages and types of funnels


11 Blogging (2 Hours)

●      How a business benefits from blogging

●      Finding blogging niche

●      Which category to blog on?

●      Developing a blogging schedule

●      Types of blogs

●      News Blogs

●      PR Blogs

●      Knowledge Blogs

●      Authority blogs

●      Creating authority using blogs

●      Ways of monetizing a blog

●      How to become an authority blogger in your niche

●      Real-life examples of successful blogs and reverse engineering their tactics

12 Freelancing (2 Hours)

●      What are freelancing websites?

●      How to setup accounts on these websites

●      How to setup attractive profiles on freelancing

●      websites

●      How to bid on projects that will more likely to be accepted

●      Ways to getting clients on freelancing websites

●      How to deal with clients after getting the work

●      Best practices of freelancing