Duration of course: 3 Months

No of lectures: 30 Lectures

Hours: 1.5 Hours



Module No. 1



Introduction to Psychology:

Definition; Brief historical background and schools of Psychology; Careers & Specialization in Psychology.

Research Methods in Psychology:

Observation (Naturalistic and Field study); Case history. Experimental Method,

Survey; Interview.

Statistical Analysis in Psychology:

Definition and Importance of Statistics in Psychology

Graphic Representation

Measures of Central Tendency: Mean Median and Mode.

Measures of variability: Standard deviation

Correlation: Pearson Product-moment & Rank Order.


Module No. 2



Biological Basis of Behavior:

Brain Structure and Functions, Nervous System, Neurons, Parts of Nervous System; Endocrine glands.

Sensation and Perception:

Sensation: Characteristics of Sensation. Visual Sensation: Structure and Functions of the eye, Auditory Sensation Structure and Functions of the ear

Perception: Factors in perception, types of perception, perceptual organization; perceptual problems illusions and Hallucinations.


Definition and Classification; Primary (Biogenic) Motives Secondary Motives; intrinsic and Extrinsic Motives; Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation; Theories of Motivation.


Definition; Components of Emotion; Theories of Emotion. Expression of Emotions and Psychological Well being.


Module No.3



Learning and Conditioning:

Definition and Types; Classical and instrumental conditioning; Learning through Imitation; Cognitive learning.


Definition; Types of Memory; Models of Memory; Memory Processes: Retention, Recall,

Recognition and Retrieval; Forgetting, Theories of Forgetting; Improving Memory;



Definition; Types (Realistic Autistic thinking, Creativity, problem solving); Tools of Thinking; Imagery; Language; Concepts.


Definition; Theories of Intelligence; Assessment of Intelligence


Definition; Theories of Personality, Assessment of Personality