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Communication Skills and Personality Development/ Content Writing /English Language


Course Description– Guidelines to Study the Subject:

  1. Language learning and content writing is not associated with some mechanical learning. It is just an acquisition of the language and writing contents. So, in order to learn language and communication it is always suggested to experience the language.
  2. To experience the language and writing contents it is very essential for students to co-relate their classroom learning with their outside work.
  3. Once you co-relate your both classroom and outside learning, there will be perfection in language learning, speaking skills and writing contents.
  4. Continuous motivational approach has to be adopted so that students can be active participants during the course of language acquisition and Content writing.


Duration of Course: 3 Months

No of Lectures: 33 Lectures

Hours: 1.5 Hours



Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes:

Course Objectives:

  • To develop communication skills  and Creative Content Writing as well as positive personality traits
  • To acquire a language suitable for technical communication and writing
  • To inculcate the habit of regular reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will be able to write simple and correct sentences.
  • You will be able to develop your personality through effective communication skills.
  • You will be able to Speak English Fluently.
  • You will be able to handle the difficulty in communication in diverse environments.
  • You will able to write papers, proposals, reports etc.
  • You will be able to appreciate any piece of writing and comprehend it.
  • You will be able to adopt the traits of leaders, management and good Communicator/Creative content writer.



Course Outline :


Lectures Course Contents Learning objectives
Lecture 1 Introduction:


At the end of the session students will understand the basic concept of communication, its need in current scenario & how communication is important for Personality Development developing the language skills.

















Lecture 2



How Communication is Important for Personality Development and the Daily Life

Lecture3   Types of  communication

7 C’s of

Lecture 4
Effective and Efficient Communication/Writing techniques
Lecture 5 Principles of Communication At the end of the session students will have clear concept of different kinds & the uses of communication. And methods & strategies or effective communication.


Learning to develop Creative Concepts for writing the meaningful contents

Lecture 6 Barriers in Communication


Lecture 7 Effective Communications

Modern Technology  for Communication


Lecture 8 Creative Concepts for Content Development and Writing the Creative Contents
Lecture 9


Review of Grammar:


At the end of the session students will have basic knowledge of.
Sentence & its kind.
Parts of speech & their uses for correct writing.
Change the sentences from one form to another.
Verbs & their uses for correct tense.
Change the sentences from direct to indirect
Lecture 10 Verbal & Non-verbal Communication

Individual Cultural variables

Lecture 11 Traits of Good Communicators


Lecture 12 Principles of Business Communication


Lecture 13 Concreteness of Communication

Intercultural communication

Business Communication

Lecture 14


Vocabulary Development:

Terminology ,
Idioms and Phrases,


At the end of the session students will have basic knowledge of Business terminology.

Sentence formation by Idioms and Phrases
Correction of the sentences.
Use of Dictionary for language learning & proper understanding of their pronounce.
Word formation and paragraph writings & vocabulary building by Prefix & Suffix.

Lecture 15 Common Errors,
Use of Dictionary for Learning to Pronounce,
Lecture 16 Language Practice and Negotiation Skill


Lecture 18 Content Writing :Word Formation : by adding Prefixes & Suffixes
Lecture 19 Writing the Creative Content


Lecture 20 Spoken   English:

Audience Psychology & Presentation Skills

At the end of the session students will be able to understand different audience psychology.
They will understand presentation skills & art of best presentation to present during conference (National & International).
Certain exercises for verbal & non-verbal communication & its importance in Business and Daily life education.
Interview & its need in modern professionalism, its kind & how to attend an interview?
Group discussion & its need in modern scenario.
Debate and its need
What is telephonic/email or Social media communication? How is this important in current field?
Lecture 21 Using Verbal & Non-verbal Communication


Lecture 22 Interview Techniques


Lecture 23 Debate and Negotiation Skills


Lecture 24 Telephonic/Email or Social Media Conversation


Lecture 25 Reading: Skimming and Scanning
Lecture 26 Content Writing    Skills:
Précis Writing,
At the end of the session students will be able to understand written communication & its importance in current scenario.
To understand different forms of written communication:
Précis, Letter, CV writing & Resume writing.
Report writing & its need in current scenario.
Need of note making & note taking.
Lecture 27 Letter Writing,
C V  Writing,
Listening, Reading, Comprehension (Exercise of prescribed short answers)
Lecture 28 Preparation of Report,
Note Taking
Note Making
Lecture 29 Personality Development


Group Dynamics and Team Building


Leadership &Motivation


At the end of the session students will be able to understand How to Interact and communicate within a Team, how to resolve the conflicts and how to manage the stress by developing the Motivational Aspects in the personality.

How to lead in different roles



Lecture 30


Stress Management – Causes of Stress – Impact of Stress – Managing Stress


Conflict Resolution through Communication and Content Writing



Lecture 31 Final project Topic Selection The Students will Choose a topic for the Final project
Lecture 32 Final project Topic Discussion The Students will Choose a topic for the Final project
Lecture 33 Final Project Presentation Final Project Presentation