• Kinnaird College for Women


This course will provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, implement, organize, manage, monitor and evaluate special events.

Target Group                

Anyone who is wishing to enhance their organizational skills when it comes to events Planning or Management or want to organize the events like Concerts, Corporate Events, Wedding Planning etc.



  • The Concept of Event Management
  • A Definition of Event Management
  • Brief History of how Event Management became a profession
  • The Role of the Event Manager and Event Coordinator


  • The Event Planning Process

Basic principles necessary to master Event Management

  • The knots and bolts involved in event planning (Needs assessment and feasibility study)
  • The key elements necessary to ensure that your event is successful (Murphy’s Law)
  • Event Team Dynamics
  • Team skills, understanding the different tasks, activities and functions of your team when planning an event.
  • Establishing the reporting process and chain of command in decision making
  • All elements involved in coordinating the event from start to completion
  • The importance of adopting the right attitude, one of problem solving and coming up with solutions, the ability to think on you feet.

               How to develop an Event Check list

Contingency Planning

  • The importance of health and safety assessments in organizing events.
  • Incorporation of Legal, Ethical and Risk Management factors when planning events
  • The importance of evaluation and feedback
  • Monitoring and managing performance quality


  • Event Management is a people oriented field, the event management team have to interact with a lot of people like Sponsors to organize the event. As a direct result of this fact the following areas will be addressed.
  • The relevant skills and characteristics required for the field of Event Management
  • How to make the effective and attractive Sponsorship proposal
  • How to deal with the sponsors and to convince them for sponsorship
  • Lecture on targeting the sponsorship that which sponsors can be linked to the particular event and how to target them.
  • A good team is important to organize the specific event as it not the task of one person so one lecture will be on how to select teams.
  • Leadership type skills necessary to motivate and empower teams to function at their maximum.




Expected Outcomes

Participants in attendance will be able to:

  • Develop an effective Event Plan to create and design memorable events.
  • Utilize specific techniques and tools of the event planning process to manage and monitor the success of the event.
  • Ensure that organizational objectives are being achieved.
  • Appreciate the importance of risk assessment and contingency planning when coordinating events.
  • Appreciate the importance of proper time management and task management to an event’s success.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills (event managers need to consistently get the best out of their teams)
  • Achieve maximum exposure for their event.
  • Demonstrate a new and open-minded approach to Event Management.
  • How to deal with the team
  • How to communicate with the sponsor or the other people you are getting things from.
  • The appropriate way of presenting the proposal to the concerned people.



An interactive approach that utilizes audio-visual aids, lectures, class discussions, and group exercises. Current issues, both local and international will be taken into consideration the time of the year. The past big events will also be taken into consideration.

Final Project:

The students have to plan an event with the appropriate proposal and they will have to present it as well in the class.