• Kinnaird College for Women


Painting and Sketching

Duration of course: 3 Months

No of lectures: 30 Lectures

Hours: 1.5 Hours (Thrice a Week)


Course Outline:


Lecture No. Lecture Topic Teaching Methodology  







Learning Outcomes








Lecture 1 Introduction and Discussion of the course, expectations, supplies to be used within the course.


Defining basic technical terms within Art

Discussion and Interaction based lecture Students being more aware of the direction of the course, and familiar with the properties of various art supplies.
Lecture 2 Introduction to Basic Forms and Shapes in Drawing Students will be practicing still life drawing through arrangements of cubes, spheres and boxes Students will have practiced the ability to see and deconstruct shapes into simpler forms
Lecture 3 Practicing proportions and perspective in Drawing Teaching Hand-Eye Coordination, and single point perspective Students will have better observational skills and more insight into the technical aspects of realistic sketching
Lecture 4 Understanding shading using Graphite pencils

Concept of Value

Use of reference images to identify different values Students will learn how to use reference images to observe and replicate Values.
Lecture 5 Understanding Light and Shadows Theory based Lecture.

Elaboration on various concepts within Light and Shadows

More wholesome view on the significance of Light within art and knowledge on various ways to incorporate light into Art
Lecture 6 Advanced Still Life Drawing Practical class assignment accompanied by teacher’s guidance. Students will have made an entire piece start to finish and will have grasped the necessity knowledge of Pencil Drawing
Lecture 7 Studying Facial Features and Anatomy – Part 1 Composition of the Eye Theory based lecture on components of the particular feature, labelling and understanding diagrams, and drawing demonstration by the teacher Students will be able to draw various human facial features accurately and create resemblance within their portrait drawings.
Lecture 8 Facial Anatomy Part 2 – Nose, Lips, Chin.
Lecture 9 Study of Facial Proportions and Placement of Features
Lecture 10 Study of Facial Expressions and Emotions.
Lecture 11 Project – Self-Portraiture
Lecture 12 First Assessment (Topic to be announced in class)
Lecture 13 Introduction to Charcoal Sketching Demonstration and Guidance Ability to sketch using charcoal and creating very distinct and interesting looking sketches.
Lecture 14 Blending and Textures within Charcoal Drawing
Lecture 15 Advanced Shading and Lighting on Toned Paper
Lecture 16 Introduction to Painting

Color Theory

Basic Color Mixing

Demonstration of color mixing

Theory based lecture


Understanding the ways in which color is made, chosen and used within art.
Lecture 17 Value, Blending and Shading in Painting
Lecture 18 Realism in Art
Lecture 19 Continuation of Previous Lecture
Lecture 20 Art Movements – History, Styles, Important Artists Powerpoint lecture, theory based class. A comprehensive understanding on the history and evolution of art.
Lecture 21 Introduction to Landscapes Demonstration and Guidance
Lecture 22 Landscape Elements and Textures
Lecture 23 Wet on Wet and other Techniques in Landscape Painting Students will be able to paint various common elements of landscape art and also paint an entire piece on their own.
Lecture 24 Second Assessment
Lecture 25 Art Styles and Thematic Concerns in Art

Studying moods and messages within Art Pieces

Power Point presentation

Interactive class discussion

Analytical skills on reading art and identifying themes within art.
Lecture 26 Thumbnail Sketching and Idea Brainstorming

Planning out a Theme-Based Project

Encouraging visualization of Ideas and collective brainstorming. Ability to think and express more creative ideas and identify personal artistic preferences
Lecture 27 Initial Sketching on Canvas Guidance based Lecture where students will be encouraged to use their knowledge and skill to complete this project. Students will be able to sketch and paint a wide range of objects and subject matters and express themselves more creatively
Lecture 28 Underpainting
Lectures 29-30 Final Project