Certification in Public Policy Analysis

The Certification in Public Policy Analysis offers a comprehensive understanding of policy formulation, evaluation, and implementation strategies essential for roles in Governmental, NGO, and UN advocacy. Designed as a six-month weekend program, it caters to a diverse range of professionals and students interested in the realm of public policy and related disciplines.

Program Overview

The program includes both theoretical and practical components to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary tools to excel in their careers.

Certificate in Public Policy Analysis

The Curriculum of the Certification in Public Policy Analysis spans six months and encompasses modules tailored to impart a comprehensive understanding of policy formulation, evaluation, and implementation strategies crucial for roles within governmental, NGO, and UN advocacy spheres. Geared towards professionals and students across diverse disciplines, it emphasizes policy development stages, evaluation methodologies, governmental structures, and practical advocacy techniques. Learning outcomes focus on policy comprehension, evaluation proficiency, research acumen, governmental insights, critical analysis, and practical advocacy skills. Facilitated by seasoned professionals including senior academicians and consultants from various sectors, this curriculum cultivates a versatile skill set, empowering participants to navigate the intricacies of policy analysis and effect change in governmental, NGO, and UN settings.

Class Schedule

Policy Formulation and Evaluation: Covers policy development stages, evaluation methods, and effectiveness measurement.

Policy Analysis and Research Methods: Teaches qualitative and quantitative research methodologies for robust policy analysis.

Government Structures and Public Administration: Provides insights into governmental structures, institutions, and administrative processes.

Policy Implementation and Advocacy: Focuses on practical aspects like stakeholder engagement, advocacy strategies, and policy change.


Experienced professionals including senior academicians, consultants of International Development Agencies, senior Government Officials, and members of policy think tanks.

Course Fee

Course Fee is Rs. 135,000/- for the Complete Course, Payable in Three Easy Instalments . 

1st Instalment: Rs 55,000 (Payable at the Time of Admission)

2nd Instalment: Rs 40,000 (Payable after 1.5 Months)

3rd Instalment: Rs 40,000 (Payable after 3.5 Months)

Admission Requirements

Government Servants: Enhance skills in policy formulation and evaluation.

Employees of International Development Agencies: Deepen understanding of policy analysis for effective program management.

Employees of Non-governmental Organizations: Strengthen advocacy and policy research competencies.

CSS Aspirants: Prepare for roles involving policy formulation and implementation.

Students of International Relations, Political Science, Law, Public Policies, and Related Disciplines: Expand knowledge and practical skills for future careers.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion, participants can explore opportunities such as:

Government agencies involved in policy formulation, analysis, and implementation.

Roles within NGOs focusing on advocacy, policy research, and project coordination.

Opportunities in UN agencies, international NGOs, or intergovernmental organizations working on global policy issues and development projects.

Policy-focused think tanks or research institutions analyzing and shaping public policy.

Positions in consulting firms providing policy advice and strategy formulation.

Roles in public affairs, lobbying, and advocacy across various sectors.

Academic positions as professors or researchers specializing in public policy studies.

Class Schedule

The Certification in Public Policy Analysis program at Kinnaird College is a weekend-only class that meets on Saturdays. Classes are held from 11 AM to 3 PM or 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM, allowing students to balance their work and personal commitments while pursuing their education. Course Duration is 6 Months.

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