Human Resource Management & Office Administration


Course Objectives

As we know that the HR management has taken the lead from personnel management which is workforce centered, directed mainly at the organization’s employees; such as finding and training them, arranging for them to be paid, explaining management’s expectations, justifying management’s actions.  Whereas HRM is resource –centered, directed mainly at management, in terms of devolving the responsibility of HRM to line management, management development etc. Personnel Management is basically an operational function, concerned primarily with carrying out the day-to day people management activities. While on the other hand, HRM is strategic in nature, that is, being concerned with directly assisting an organization to gain sustained competitive advantage. 

Currently HRM has been divided into major specialties such as:

·       HR Introduction

·       HR Planning

·       Recruitment & Selection

·       Training & Development

·       Performance Management

·       Compensation Management 

·       Written & Verbal Business Communication

·       Use of MS Office for Business Administration

·       Getting Organized



Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to:

Know, understand and comprehend the general concepts of HRM’s all major specialties.

Will be able to apply gained knowledge in developing an HR system for an organization by coordinating all the HR activities.

Design various HRM tools and will be able to customize these to any environment.

Understand the office administration challenges and use of various tools to solve them 

Comprehend the difference between traditional office administration and technology oriented administration management


Who Should Attend 

Students of Management Sciences , Professionals, Housewives and Job Seekers.

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Instructor’s Profile

Kamran Saeed

Kamran Saeed has master in business management & marketing and has earned certification in HRM from Ivy league university of USA. He has been exposed to vast international training courses, seminars and conferences. He has been teaching in leading business schools of Karachi & Lahore since 1997. His core areas of teaching are management, marketing and HR subjects. He had been pioneer in introducing online business education (U21global) and corporate online training initiatives (eCornell) in Pakistan. Recently earned his “Supply Chain and Operation Management, CISCOM”  certification from ANSI recognized institute of USA.

He has been associated as external trainer with leading training platform of IMS Knowledge since 2003. He got certified as FranklinCovey Trainer in 2006 followed by Europe’s leading training brand Doors International. As corporate trainer he has been instrumental in establishing IMS as credible training institution offering highly versatile training initiatives. He specializes in developing & executing customized sales & marketing training workshops. As a lead trainer he has successfully conducted more than 200 trainings in highly versatile areas of change behavior, selling, branding, team building, human resource functions, communication & presentation, customer services, professional grooming, management skills, Train the Trainer and leadership. His uniqueness as trainer lies in contents customization, strong connect with participants, impactful delivery, innovative audio/visual tools. As motivational speaker he has been successfully conducting sessions of  450-600 participants from executive to labor level. His flexibility, versatility and corporate experience has made him highly rated trainer at every level. He has been a regular guest at leading programs of radio & television where his views / insights have been appreciated and well respected. He has pioneered the online training initiatives through online / web-based sessions and e-learning modules as well.

He have been teaching management, marketing and HRM subjects in various business institutions of Karachi & Lahore since 1997. He have been a resource person since 2011 for all subjects of HRM such as HR planning, recruitment & selection, training & development, performance & compensation  management,  organizational development and strategic HRM in PIQC and other leading business school. He has been conducting trainings on “HR for non-HR managers” and also regular contributor in HR certification like CHRP. Multiple organizations from diverse industries getting the benefit of his HR expertise towards various HR consultancy projects. 

Kamran has more than 33 years’ experience of sales and marketing in multinationals and leading enterprising organizations. His professional domains have been sales, marketing, operation, supply chain, business development and international business. He achieved overwhelming successes at strategic positions of “Chief Operating Officer”, “Director Marketing” and “Director Business Development” for over 10 years. Currently, he is leading “Digitery Learning” training & consultancy platform as “Chief Optimizing Officer” and lead corporate trainer. He also represents “NextLevel HR” as Director Corporate Solutions.

He is regular judge, mentor at various “Startup” forums such as Startup Cup Pakistan, imparting entrepreneurial skills to new business ventures enthusiasts.  His students have successfully launched many exciting entrepreneurial ventures. He also offers consultancy in different areas of strategic envisioning, redefining marketing strategies, field operation management, sales strategies formulation, designing human resource policies & procedures and operational systems development. He has helped leading national organizations on various consultancy projects to resolve their issues and transform their weaknesses into strengths.