Professional Certification in Applied Psychology

Course description

In present times, gaining basic insight of psychological phenomena are indispensable for healthy living. This short course of applied psychology provides an introduction to the concepts, theories, and research behind the study of human thought, emotion, and behavior.


·      To provide the insightful understanding of psychology as an empirical science & its scope and functioning.

·      To provide an overview of different schools of thoughts and approaches to understand the basis of human behavior

·      To explain how psychological theories and principles relate to everyday life

·      To demonstrate the application of psychological principles to promote personal & organizational growth.

·      To enhance the understanding of students about social, environmental and cultural factors contributing to the psychological well-being (biopsychosocial Model)

·      To provide an insight into the process , mechanism & issues related to mental health. 

Learning outcomes

·      Demonstrate an understanding of basic psychological terminology and explain important features of major psychological concepts and theories 

·      Differentiate between myths misconceptions and facts related to psychological phenomena

·      Develop insight into different specialties and careers in psychology for better career options

·      Develop an understanding of basic theories and research methods in psychology 

·      Critically analyze information about human behavior ( emotions , memory ,motivation , personality etc)

·      Seek scientific evidence to evaluate behavioral claims

·      Adopt psychological explanations and models as a foundation for understanding and problem solving to excel in life .

Who Should Attend

 Students and professional from the disciplines of medical , social and psychological background 

·      Students 

·      Teachers 

·      Professionals 

·      Housewives 

·      Educationist 

·      Motivational Speakers

·      Trainers 

·      Health Consultants 

·      Doctors 


Fee Structure

 Course Fee is as follow: Rs. 155000/- (for the Complete Course including)

Special Note:

*Course Fee can be paid into Two Instalments. (This option is available only for needy or deserving students)

*Scholarships available for High Achievers and Deserving Students.

*Paid Fee is Not Refundable .

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