Professional Certification in Clinical Psychology

Course description

This one year certification course introduces students and professionals to the core principles of clinical psychology and its practices .This advance course is intended to refresh and sharpen the existing and clinical skills of psychology graduates and other professionals who are already working in the field of physical and mental health.


·      To gain knowledge of the core principles of clinical psychology 

·      To describe the manifestations of various psychological disorders, understanding psychopathology

·      To  describe the diagnostic features of various psychological disorders

·      To describe methodologies that are used to investigate clinical psychology phenomena  

·      To provide mental health aid and supervision in clinical and non clinical environment

·      To practice bio-psychosocial model in clinical perspective . 

·      To analyze and evaluate theories and treatments for various psychological disorders 

·      To articulate some current issues in clinical psychology 

·      To communicate effectively about clinical psychology in written and oral formats

·      Make scientific connection between clinical psychology and other psychophysiological fields. 

Learning outcomes

After completion of Professional Certification in Clinical Psychology (PCCP) candidates are expected:

·      To apply theoretical knowledge and practical exposure gained through teaching and training in professional practice both in Psychological Assessment and Treatment.

·      To gain expertise in application, scoring and interpretation of diverse range of tests and inventories i.e. ability, Personality Neuropsychological and Diagnostic Assessment of different Psychological Disorders.

·      To apply different Psychotherapeutic techniques including: Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, Crisis interventions for the treatment of a wide range of Psychological Problems and Psychiatric Disorders across different settings.

 ·      To practice Ethical Standards as Professional Clinical Psychologist: in diagnosis, Intervention and Research.

·      To demonstrate knowledge of crisis and trauma constructs as well as how to address the effects of crisis and trauma across diverse populations.

·      To enhance the understanding of the group counseling process, including theories of group development, group dynamics, the application of group counseling theories, as well as group leadership and management skills.

·      To be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary for working in multi-disciplinary mental health care systems and the ability to engage in consultation, collaboration, prevention, and intervention approaches

·      To maintain and exhibit self-awareness and self-understanding and their impact on others, including colleagues, clients, the counseling process, the work and social environment, and their community by engaging in self-reflection and the integration of feedback from others.

Who Should Attend

 Students and professional from the disciplines of medical , social and psychological background 

·      Graduates ( Social Sciences)

·      Psychologist /Clinical psychologist 

·      Consultants 

·      Doctors 

·      Social Workers 

·      Special Educationist 

Fee Structure

 Course Fee is as follow: Rs. 165000/- (for the Complete Course including placement fee)

Special Note:

*Course Fee can be paid into Two Instalments. (This option is available only for needy or deserving students)

*Scholarships available for High Achievers and Deserving Students.

*Paid Fee is Not Refundable .

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