Course description

This course provides an overview of fundamental knowledge in food and nutrition. Students will learn about dietary guidelines and healthy eating, food composition including the six classes of nutrients, the major roles and functions of the principal nutrients and their metabolism in the human body, nutrient calculations, assessment of diet quality and the impact of diet on nutritional status and health.


Describing basic human nutritional needs throughout the life. 

Describing the relationship of digestion, absorption, and metabolism to optimal health.

Explaining the function of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water and their role in promoting and maintaining health.

Understanding the relationship between nutrition, health and disease.

Learning Outcomes

 Provides an overview of the major macro and micronutrients relevant to human health.

Explain the physiological requirement and function of nutrients.

Present current evidence for the role of key nutrients in the prevention of chronic diseases.

Identify the cause and consequences of macronutrient deficiency.

Make diet plans for different individuals.

Who Should Attend

In current era, people are more inclined towards learning how to prevent a disease and live a better life through the knowledge of nutrition. Anyone with basic knowledge of sciences who wants to bring a positive change in their life and other people’s lives should definitely take this course.

Fee Structure

Course Fee is as follow: Rs. 165000/- (for the Complete Course including Seminars and Workshops)

Special Note:

*Course Fee can be paid into Two Instalments. (This option is available only for needy or deserving students)

*Scholarships available for High Achievers and Deserving Students.

*Paid Fee is Not Refundable .

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