Course Description

The course of interior design prepares students with required knowledge and skills for the field of interior design. They learn about gathering design information in a range of actual projects, from residential to commercial design. 

Course Objectives

  To initiate student’s competency in the field of interior design.

·      To create awareness about the physical and psychological aspects of different residential and commercial areas. 

·       To develop aesthetic sensitivity for interior design.

·      To engage students with market through multiple market surveys. 

·      To provide experimental learning of portfolio making. 

·       To incorporate knowledge of AUTOCAD and SKETCHUP software. 

·       To make students capable of presenting their work using power point software.

Learning Outcomes

 Students will be aware of the basic elements and principles of interior design.

·      Students will be able to apply their knowledge professionally in the field of interior design. 

·      Students will be equipped with the skill of using latest software programs. 

·      Students will be able to design 2D and 3D rendered floor plans. 

·      Students will gain the knowledge of furniture designing techniques to design their project. 

·      Students will be aware of marketing strategies through learning the basics of marketing management. 

·      Students will learn resource management techniques. 

Who Should Attend

Any individual who aspire to practice skills in the field of interior design should attend this course. Since it will engage the students with market, they will learn how to present and sale their products fulfilling the latest market needs and standards. Any individual who aims to professionally equip the students with latest design techniques, must attend this course. 

Fee Structure

 Course Fee is as follow: Rs. 165000/- (for the Complete Course)

Special Note:

*Course Fee can be paid into Two Instalments. (This option is available only for needy or deserving students)

*Scholarships available for High Achievers and Deserving Students.

*Paid Fee is Not Refundable .

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