Young Learner’s Summer Enrichment Programme 2024

Embark on an enriching educational journey with the Kinnaird College for Women Young Learners Summer Enrichment Programme 2024. Designed exclusively for intellectually curious young learners aged 13 to 17, this three-weeks immersive experience offers a unique blend of academic exploration and personal development. Participants will engage in dynamic courses, forge new friendships, and unlock their potential in a supportive and empowering environment.

Module 1: Language and Communication

Empowering Eloquence: Develop confidence and eloquence through effective public speaking practices.

Creative Chronicles: Cultivate the art of storytelling and unleash imagination through engaging writing workshops

.Heroes’ Haven: Explore themes of heroism and empowerment through literature and discussion.

Module 2: Business and Leadership

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Ignite entrepreneurial spirit with hands-on projects and real-world case studies.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Delve into the meaning of happiness and its significance in leadership and personal growth

.Leadership Foundations: Develop essential leadership skills through interactive activities and leadership theory.

Module 3: UN SDGs and Development Work Advocacy

Understanding SDGs: Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their global impact.

Advocacy in Action: Explore how to advocate for development work and implement community projects.

Climate Change Awareness: Understand the importance of climate change action and sustainable practices.

Module 4: Digital Communication and Content Creation

Digital Storytelling: Develop skills in creating engaging digital content, including videos, blogs, and social media posts.

Content Strategy: Learn how to plan, create, and distribute digital content effectively across various platforms.

Creative Chronicles: Cultivate the art of storytelling and unleash imagination through engaging writing workshops.

Module 5: Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to AI: Understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in various fields.

Hands-on AI Projects: Engage in practical AI projects to apply theoretical knowledge.

Ethical AI: Discuss the ethical implications and responsibilities of AI technology.

Module 6: College Readiness

Effective Assignments: Learn how to research, write, and present college-level assignments.

Presentation Skills: Develop techniques for delivering impactful and engaging presentations.

College Ethics: Understand the importance of academic integrity and ethical behavior in college.


Why This Programme is Beneficial for Pre-College Students

The Kinnaird College for Women Young Learners Summer Enrichment Programme provides a foundational experience that bridges the gap between elementary education and future academic pursuits. By immersing students in a variety of disciplines, the programme fosters intellectual curiosity and equips them with essential skills for their academic journey ahead.


Holistic Development: The diverse modules ensure a well-rounded development of skills, from critical thinking to creativity.

Early Exposure: Early engagement with advanced topics like AI and leadership prepares students for future academic challenges

Confidence Building: Activities designed to enhance public speaking, leadership, and problem-solving skills boost self-confidence

.Networking: Interaction with peers and industry professionals helps in building valuable networks for future opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:

Enhanced Communication Skills: Students will develop confidence in public speaking and writing.Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills: Participants will gain foundational skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, preparing them for future roles.

Scientific Inquiry and Problem-Solving: Engagement in STEM activities will enhance analytical and problem-solving skills.Creative Expression: Students will explore and express their creativity through various artistic mediums.Understanding of AI: Early exposure to AI concepts will prepare students for future technological advancements and ethical considerations.College Preparedness: Students will learn essential skills for succeeding in college, including assignment preparation, presentation skills, and academic ethics.Global Awareness: Students will gain a deeper understanding of global issues through the lens of the UN SDGs and advocacy work.

Join us for an unforgettable summer of discovery and growth! Apply now to secure your place in the Kinnaird College for Women Young Learners Summer Enrichment Programme.

Programme Details:

Duration: 3 weeks

Delivery Method: On-campus

Location: Kinnaird College for Women

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Session Dates:

Session 1: July 1st to July 21st, 2024

Session 2: July 25 to August 15th, 2024

Who Should Attend

This programme is ideal for young women aged 13 to 17 who:

Are intellectually curious and eager to explore a variety of academic subjects.

Desire to develop essential skills in communication, leadership, and digital literacy.

Have an interest in global issues such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change advocacy.

Wish to enhance their understanding and application of Artificial Intelligence.

Are preparing for the transition to college and want to build skills in assignment writing, presentations, and academic ethics.

Seek a supportive and empowering environment to unlock their potential.

Fee Structure

Course Fee: PKR 38,000

Special Note:

*Course Fee can be paid into Two Instalments. (This option is available only for needy or deserving students)

*Paid Fee is Non Refundable.

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